Samuel Ruder

About The Artwork

From giraffes to birds sitting on a cat's head my work brings the whimsical side of life into view. I believe we must have a little sugar to help the medicine go down. The prints and watercolor paintings I am presenting to you represent 35 years of living by the sea bringing home fish for my favorite cats. walking on the beach at night in wonder stopping to watch baby turtles as they see their first light and make their way to the sea.
Children enjoy the primary colors which I have chosen to covey the civilized primitive light which I bring to the world. I use symbolism to tell my stories the cat is companionship the fish sustenance .whales speak of beauty while the turtle walks in peace. Angels tell us we are never alone. The light house helps us find our way home. The sea is the lady she brings the bounty and holds the fisherman close

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